Immersive Omni-Channel IB tuition in Hong Kong

At Transcend Education Hong Kong (TEHK), we help IB students achieve top marks by providing an immersive student-centered learning experience.

We currently offer tutoring in Mathematics, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

What We Offer

It is our goal to ensure that students have the resources they need whenever they are needed.

As such, the following services and resources are provided to every TEHK student at no extra cost.

  • Free weekly office hours (online) for tutors to address important topics and student questions.
  • Discord server to provide students a convenient channel to communicate with tutors and peers at any time.
  • Supplemental resources to facilitate your learning: free notes, past papers, IA articles, IA samples, etc.

Overall Performance:

Students Achieving 6/7


Students Achieving 7/7


Average Improvement:

1.35 levels

after 4 months with TEHK


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Learn from the Best

TEHK provides tutors that are not only subject experts, but have also personally navigated the IB curriculum successfully. Every TEHK tutor has achieved full IB marks in their respective subjects. Our tutors are committed to being there every step of the way to ensure each student's success.

Free Guide on us

Economics IA (1)

Example of a first revision by our tutors on a student’s Econ IA

Economics IA (2)

Example of a second revision by our tutors on a student’s Econ IA

G11 Chemistry Notes

Grade 11 Chem notes provided by TEHK to our students

G11 Biology Notes

Grade 11 Bio notes provided by TEHK to our students